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Student Counseling Services

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All students at JKS have access to a strong support system. Besides individual subject teachers, who are available to students on a regular basis outside of class time, students can take advantage of counseling services offered by various other members of the JKS faculty. Students can arrange for meetings with any one of the advisors listed below:

Academic and College Counselor
Students are encouraged to talk with the Academic and College Counselor, teachers, and the Head in order to learn about the curriculum and course offerings.  Students who seek help in a certain subject should work closely with their teacher and counselor so that a development plan may be given to best prepare them for further work and university study.

Social Counselor
The school Social Counselor is available to assist students with a wide range of personal concerns including social, family, emotional or academic needs. Students who wish to meet with the counselor should contact the counselor directly for an appointment.