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The school’s program is based upon the emotional, social, and physical needs of each student.  It responds to those needs and promotes students’ development. It develops students’ intercultural awareness and respect for other cultures.  The program develops students with a holistic, interdisciplinary education, emphasizing the development of the ‘whole person’, and increasing the student’s capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world.  In order to achieve these goals, Jeddah Knowledge School utilizes the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate.  Three fundamental concepts underpin the Middle Years Programme:

The Three Fundamental Concepts of the IB MYP:

Holistic Learning /Global Education
Holistic learning emphasizes the links between the disciplines, providing a global view of situations and issues.  Students should become more aware of the relevance of their learning, and come to see knowledge as an interrelated whole.

Communication is fundamental to learning as it supports inquiry and understanding, and allows student reflection and expression.  The MYP places particular emphasis on language acquisition and allows students to explore multiple forms of expression.

Intercultural Awareness
Intercultural awareness is concerned with developing students’ attitudes, knowledge and skills, as they learn about their own and others’ social roles and national cultures.  By encouraging students to consider multiple perspectives, intercultural awareness not only fosters tolerance and respect but may also lead to empathy.

General regulations – Middle Years Programme
Rules for IB World Schools – Middle Years Programme
(Source: MYP: From Principles into Practice (2014)