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On behalf of all the teachers and staff of the Boys’ Section in the Middle and Upper School, we warmly welcome both our new and returning parents and students. We had a very successful academic year previously, with a 100% pass rate in the Diploma Programme, and we are fully prepared to work hard to achieve the same excellent results this year.

Our aim is to provide a challenging academic curriculum in an environment that is conducive to learning and is technologically advanced. We want to develop students who understand the value that education brings to their personal growth and their role as productive individuals in their community. In addition to meeting their academic needs, we strongly encourage students to get involved in a variety of clubs, service opportunities, sports, international sports tours, and the arts. Through these diverse experiences, students will gain confidence, become self-motivated and disciplined, and develop empathy, enabling them to become curious, knowledgeable, and caring young men.

As always, challenges are a natural part of a student’s learning journey, but with the support of our staff, we are eager to collaborate with parents and guide our students towards a successful year. We urge our students to actively contribute to the school community by displaying disciplined behavior and striving for academic excellence.

Together, we can ensure that our students are acknowledged for their strong moral values, their dedication to their culture and community, and their aspiration to make a positive impact in the world.


Atiq Uddin/Gregory Lewis
Head of Boys’ Section