JKSMUN XII Chair Applications

Hereunder are the Terms and Conditions that will be applied to ALL conference delegates and must be promoted and enforced by the Chairs of each committee. Non-compliance will result in consequences that will be rigorously applied.
1. Disrespecting other members (not limited to)
    a. Bullying (not limited to)
      i. Derogatory comments
      ii. Racial and/or Ethnic slurs
      iii. Mocking
      iv. Inappropriate comments
      v. Profanity
2. Successful applicants need to be fully committed to their responsibilities. Non-compliance will lead to removal from your position and possible expulsion from the conference.
    a. No response
    b. Tardiness
    c. Late update emails
3. Not responding within a 24 hour- time period
    a. Emails
    b. WhatsApp messages
4. Skipping meetings without a valid reason or prior notice
    a. Zoom meetings
5. Abuse or misuse of power:
    a. Moving delegates to committees they shouldn’t be in
    b. Make others feel inferior

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