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Assemblies (Primary, Middle and Upper Schools): Assemblies promote a feeling of togetherness among the school community and boost school spirit. They showcase academic and co-curricular accomplishments as well as the growth of students in terms of their Learner Profile. Additionally, they encourage community service, celebrate artistic talents, and offer a platform for students to meet educational goals.

The main objective is to convey essential information about the entire school and promote learning in both English and Arabic, while also giving students a chance to present to an audience. Assemblies also serve as valuable occasions for students to showcase their social and communication abilities.

House Assemblies: In order to promote a sense of belonging to a group, meetings are held once every quarter to create opportunities for taking care of students, motivating academic success, encouraging involvement in sports and cultural activities outside of the regular curriculum, developing leadership skills, and offering chances to serve the class, school, and the wider community. The schedule allows high school students and teachers to engage in activities related to their assigned house (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), fostering a sense of uniqueness and motivation. On the day of a house meeting, students wear their school house t-shirts to promote group identity and contribute to the social atmosphere of the school.

Special Assemblies: These assemblies will be organized occasionally to greet guest speakers, bestow awards, showcase student performances, and share information that is generally interesting. An ‘Awards Assembly’ is held once every quarter to celebrate academic excellence, community service, and leadership within the school. Other awards may also be given during these assemblies.

Graduation Assemblies: End-of-year graduation assemblies are held in collaboration with Grade 5 and KG3 level productions in the final weeks of the school year to celebrate the successful completion of the Program of Study.

Productions: Each grade level group is given the opportunity to present to parents the skills and concepts they have learned from the Performing Arts Learning Program during the year. These productions are a collaborative process involving students, Arabic and English class teachers, music and drama specialists, and visual arts teachers.

The productions of KG3 and Grade 5 year groups are scheduled to coincide with the graduation ceremony at the end of the academic year.