Co-curricular Activities

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‘School Campaigns’ support the IB Learner Profile and the development of students’ self-concept, self-awareness, manners, general conduct, personal responsibility, and action.

Sports Days’ offer parents the chance to witness the progress their child has made in different activities that students engage in, while also allowing them to participate alongside their child. The students are taught to improve their gross motor skills, stamina, and muscles in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

‘Student Activity Days’ The school provides activities that are not only educational but also enjoyable.

‘United Nations Day’ is an annual event that aims to acknowledge and celebrate diverse cultures and people from around the globe.

During this event, students are assigned a country and are responsible for gathering information about its culture, traditions, songs, dances, food, costumes, etc. They then present this information to the rest of the student body. To further immerse themselves in the culture, students dress in international costumes and prepare traditional dishes from the countries they represent.

On United Nations Day, students bring the traditional food they have prepared and sell it at a reduced price. The money generated from these sales is donated to charity institutions in Jeddah, thereby promoting community service awareness.

‘Book Fair’ An annual fair is organized in collaboration with the Bahrain Bookcase to promote the sale of books, printed materials, multimedia educational products, etc. Students have the chance to choose from a diverse range of materials from various international publishers. The main focus is promoting literacy, and students are encouraged to participate with guidance from parents and teachers.”

International School Library DayJKS, is a member of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) and celebrates International School Library Month every year through activities aimed at fostering a passion for reading.”

‘Year Group Productions’ provide grade-level groups with the opportunity to showcase their talents acquired through the Performing Arts Program in order to entertain parents. The performances, presented by classes within each grade level, are conducted in both Arabic and English languages.

‘Graduation Day’ is a celebration program that marks the completion of the KG, PYP, MYP, and DP/American Diploma learning programs, signaling the students’ advancement to the next level of education. This day allows students to acknowledge their achievements and concentrate on their progress for promotion within the school’s learning programs.

‘100th Day in School’ The students begin on the first day in the classroom and progress to the 100th day of the school year. On the 100th day, celebrations involving piñatas, games, and enjoyable activities promote school spirit, sharing, and camaraderie.

Field TripsField trips are organized throughout the school year to accomplish social, educational, and community service goals. Prior to attending a field trip, JKS requires written consent from parents.

‘Exhibition’ At JKS, we believe that educators must nurture our students’ minds, cultivate their curiosity, motivate them to contribute positively to society, and assist them in acquiring and utilizing a diverse range of skills. This is why we are dedicated to a curriculum that emphasizes integrated teaching and the display of various learning abilities to parents through our ‘School Exhibition’.

Earth Day’ Earth Day promotes ‘International Mindedness’ and the importance of preserving and conserving our world’s resources. It is observed at the end of April or during the first week of May. This special day is dedicated to tree planting and raising awareness through posters and presentations created by students.