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Co-curricular Activities

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‘School Campaigns’ support the IB Learner Profile and development of the students’ self-concept, self-awareness, control of manners, general conduct, personal responsibility and action.

Sports Days’ provide an opportunity for parents to see what development the child has made in various activities the students participate in and to join in with their child.  Students are taught to develop their gross motor skills, stamina and muscles to encourage healthy living.

‘Student Activity Days’ The school offers activities that are both educationally sound and fun.

‘United Nations Day’ As a way to recognize and celebrate different people and their cultures from all around the world, an annual United Nations Day takes place.

Students represent a country and gather information (culture, tradition, songs, dance, food, costumes, etc.) on the assigned country to present to the student body. Students dress in international costumes and prepare food from the countries they represent.  On this day the students bring traditional food from the countries they represent and sell it at low cost. The money collected is given to charity institutions in Jeddah to develop community service awareness.

‘Book Fair’ An annual fair is organized in cooperation with the Bahrain Bookcase to promote the sale of books, other printed material, multimedia educational products, etc. Items from different international publishers provide an opportunity for the students to make choices from a wide variety of materials. Literacy is the focus and the students are encouraged to participate with parent and teacher guidance.

International School Library Day’ JKS, is a member of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) and celebrates International School Library Month annually with activities geared towards inculcating a love for reading.

‘Year Group Productions’ Grade level groups have the opportunity to entertain parents utilizing skills learned in the Performing Arts Program. Performances in Arabic and English are presented by classes in the Grade level.

‘Graduation Day’ a program of celebration to mark the end of the KG, PYP, MYP and DP/American Diploma learning programs for advancement to the next learning level. This day is for students to recognize their success and focus on their attainment for promotion within the school’s learning programs.

‘100th Day in School’ The students start from day one in the classroom and build up to the 100th day of the school year.  On the 100th day celebrations with ‘piñatas’, games, fun activities and the like promote school spirit, sharing and camaraderie.

Field Trips’ During the course of the school year, field trips are undertaken. The trips have social, educational and community service objectives. Written parent consent must be received by JKS before a student is allowed to attend a field trip.

‘Exhibition’ At JKS, we believe that educators have to foster our students’ minds, develop their inquiry, encourage them to be constructive members of their society, and help them learn and apply various types of skills.  This is why we are committed to a curriculum that has a strong focus on integrated teaching and on different learning skills that we exhibit to parents during our ‘School Exhibition’.

Earth Day’ Developing ‘International Mindedness’ and the concepts of preservation and conservation of our world’s resources, Earth Day is observed at the end of April or during the first week of May.  It is dedicated to tree planting and awareness through student created posters and presentations.