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The mission of JKS school library program is to provide the necessary facilities to insure that students and teachers use information in an effective way as life long learners.  This mission is only accomplished through joint collaboration between the school librarians and the greater learning community.  The library staff will:

  • Provide the necessary instruction for acquiring ideas, evaluating resources, and using information with competence.
  • Foster an interest in reading and the appreciate of literature by providing guidance individually, and in groups.
  • Make materials available in various formats and their ease of use.
  • Collaborate with teachers to provide quality learning experiences that address the needs of individual students.

There are various online databases at the school to assist students in their research.

Library Rules
The Library is a center for research, learning and recreational reading. The library houses a collection of materials in various formats such as books, periodicals, e-books, audio books, videos, and DVDs. Materials are available in multiple languages.

Library Hours
7:30am to 3:30pm from Sunday to Thursday
Closed during Fridays, Saturdays and School Holidays.
Library hours are shortened during the Month of Ramadan.

Internet Policy
The usage for the Internet at JKS is devoted to educational use by students and staff. Access is controlled and restricted.

Within the E-Library or Computer room the students need to be responsible users; they must:

  • honor the intellectual property of others.
  • comply with legal restrictions regarding plagiarism.
  • refrain from using the computer for private gain.
  • not engage in deliberate tampering or experimentation with the system.
  • follow the rules set aside by the e-librarian and teachers.
  • save only school related files. No other commercial software and games may be stored in hidden files.
  • saving on the hard disk drive is only granted by the teacher.
  • refrain from storing playing games on library computers.
  • refrain from using Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, face book or any other internet-based email, as this is strictly prohibited.
Library Rules Library Classes Borrowing of Books
  • Read or research quietly. Do not disturb others who are reading.
  • Chatting, eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library.
  • Return books to the proper place.
  • Clean up the workspace before you leave: push the chairs in and do not leave any mess on the tables.
  • Computers are for research purposes.
  • 6th to 12th Grade classes are under the School Librarian’s / and / or classroom teacher’s supervision. These visits to the Library include short lessons on ‘Research Techniques’, library and search skills, reading opportunities and book borrowing.
  • A Student may borrow two (2) books at a time. A student completes the ‘Library Card’ with name and class, and hands it to the School Librarian.
  • Teachers and staff may borrow books and other materials from the library as the need arises.
Renewing of Borrowed Books Damaged/Lost Books o Resources Overdue Books and Resources
  • Books may be renewed for another week, but each item must be returned to the Library and signed for again to do so.
  • Teachers, staff and students are expected to to pay for the replacement of books or other materials that are damaged while checked out by them.
  • Replacement of lost items will be accepted , provided it is an exact copy of the lost book or media.
  • Prices for lost items will be charged in Saudi Riyals.
  • Changes will be commensurate to the books or materials price, plus ordering and a processing fee of 25% for items ordered from outside Saudi Arabia.
  • A note will be sent to parents of a student with an overdue book or other media borrowed from the Library.
  • Teachers and staff will also be notified of overdue books and resources which are checked out by them.
  • No fines are imposed on overdue books and media, but borrowing is suspended until such time as it is returned to the library.