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Student Responsibilities

Jeddah Knowledge International School (JKS) - Student responsibilities 1
Jeddah Knowledge International School (JKS) - Student responsibilities 2
Jeddah Knowledge International School (JKS) - Student responsibilities 3
  • behave well in and out of class, follow the Code of Conduct and meet the school’s expectations.
  • do my best to model the IB Learner Profile and to be responsible for my own action and behavior.
  • attend school regularly and arrive punctually to school and to class.
  • wear the correct uniform at all times and carry the correct equipment each day
  • work hard to achieve targets set with my teachers.
  • contribute to the learning environment by respecting the rights of others to learn.
  • respect and care for others and their property, including school property.
  • give my best effort at all times.
  • ensure that all work is submitted on time.
  • take responsibility to ensure that I make use of all opportunities provided by the school.
  • pass all letters, notes and reports to parents on the day they are issued.
  • discuss with parents and teachers any concerns I may have.
  • sign and adhere to the subject contracts.
  • learn to discipline myself and to control my mind to do things that should be done and not things that I want to do.
  • accept responsibility and the consequences of my own actions.
  • show courtesy and respect to staff, visitors and my fellow students.
  • be responsible to care and protect younger students.
  • move around the school in a quiet and orderly manner, keep to the right and not run, and remember that staircases can be very dangerous places.
  • never be in an unauthorized place.
  • not be in a classroom without a teacher present.
  • always be attentive and focused during lessons.
  • follow instructions given by members of staff without argument.
  • always wear safety glasses and gloves when performing an experiment.


Student Responsibility

During the school day

Students should follow school and classroom rules:

  1. Students are expected to come to school well rested, after enjoying a good breakfast to remain ALERT at school.
  2. HOMEWORK must always be completed and submitted on the due date.
  3. Library books must be RETURNED on/before the due date.
  4. CLASSWORK must be completed in class each day.
  5. All students are expected to put forth their BEST EFFORT at all times.

Exercise Books

Student are expected to:

  1. Keep exercise books and workbooks clean and neat.
  2. Write the full date (on the left if it is English and on the right if it is Arabic), title, and text book page number at the beginning of each lesson.
  3. Use ruler for underlining.
  4. Use neat handwriting.
  5. Make sure to write each number in a box and align digits properly underneath each other when adding or subtracting in the mathematics exercise books.
  6. Rule off using a ruler at the end of each lesson and continue underneath the  line for the next lesson in order not to waste paper.
  7. Write on either side of the page. Do not skip a page.