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Head of Primary School

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Guided by the school’s mission and vision statements, we in the Primary Years Programme have adopted a holistic approach to learning in the formative years of a child’s education.

The early years of a child’s education set the foundation and become the cornerstone of all future learning. It is at this stage that students will learn to take responsibility for their own learning. At Jeddah Knowledge International School, our aim is to develop a safe and secure environment where students will thrive, work to their full potential and become successful learners in the twenty first century.

The curriculum in the PYP affords our students the advantage of a well-rounded, global and all-inclusive education yet teaches them to value their culture and faith. Our focus is to celebrate student uniqueness and develop in them a sense of pride in who they are and what they achieve. While we recognize the importance of academics, we also emphasize the development of our students’ personalities through the promotion of social skills and personal attributes which will serve them well into the future.

A hands-on, interactive curriculum offered in the PYP means that students are exposed to a range of curricular and co-curricular activities such as sports clubs and school-wide campaigns which provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills and talents while at the same time keeping them on par with the highest international standards.

The PYP at JKS has created a warm and nurturing environment for students and we look forward to preparing our students for their future learning.

Heather Champion
Head of Primary School