Admission Procedures For The IB DP

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General Guidelines

  1. Students must have completed a Grade 10 program with sufficient subject support to be eligible for participation in the IB Diploma Programme.  Priority will be given to successful internal/external MYP candidates.
  2. The application process and screening will take place during the fall of the students’ grade ten year of study.
  3. This process will be overseen by the Diploma Program Committee, which includes the following staff members:
    • Head of School
    • Head of Upper School
    • Academic College Counselor
    • Diploma Program Coordinator

Procedures to be Followed

  1. General introduction and informational workshops and seminars will be initially held for Grade 9 students and parents outlining the Diploma Program, and the unique features thereof. Grade 10 students and parents will be invited to attend several Diploma Program orientation sessions at JKS for a detailed explanation of the Diploma Program including the core components.  The school will also provide a forum for prospective applicants and their parents to seek clarification through question/answer sessions.
  2. Interested Diploma candidates will be handled copies of the application for their perusal: applicants will be required to follow a deadline for application submissions. (Please see link below).
  3. The IB DP Coordinator and Academic College Counselor will oversee and advise students through the DP application process.
    • Application forms must be completed in ink with clear printing both by student and parent and signatures appended where required.
    • Recommendation forms must be handled to the relevant subject teachers timeously for completion.
    • Students must complete a written motivation statement.
  4. Completed application returns: The complete application form and recommendations are to be submitted to the DP Coordinator via the Academic College Counselor who will collate documents and ensure that applications and attachments are completed and signed.
  5. A review Meeting of the Diploma Committee and relevant subject teachers will be held to ensure that all students are adequately prepared to enter the Diploma Program and an extensive review of the student’s academic and total development record will be conducted.  The criteria for admission are to provide a holistic picture of the student and his/her capabilities.
  6. Criteria for selection are as follows:
    • The student’s academic and scholastic effort
    • Final Grade Nine and Ten transcripts
    • Standardized Test Results
    • Teacher Recommendations
    • Application Written Motivation
    • Attendance Record
    • Personal Qualities
      • Motivation and Effort
      • Solid Work Ethic
      • Time Management Skills
      • Adherence to Deadlines
      • Independent Learning
      • Ability to Work Under Pressure
      • Responses to Challenges
  7. Admission decisions: Official letters will be sent from the DP Coordinator’s office informing students of their application results which fall into the following categories:
    • Accepted, unconditionally, into the programme
    • Accepted, with probationary status for the first three months of their grade eleven year
    • Accepted, with the condition that they work on and improve certain areas requiring development/improvement by the end of their grade ten year
    • Student applications may be declined for failure to meet the application criteria and/or not showing any improvement as per the condition outlined above (inclusive of any other extenuating factors)

Link to the DP Application Click Here