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Health & Safety

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Licenses and Inspections
The health and safety of each child is vital at Jeddah Knowledge International School (JKS). JKS has been regulated, licensed and inspected by the Fire Department and adheres to all safety and health standards as set forth by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pertaining to the Fire Department and Health Department. The Fire Department’s personnel ascertain compliance of all regulations and conduct regular inspections.

Students are not to be left unattended or unsupervised at any time.  Teachers are responsible to monitor the amount of time a student is out of the class when allowed to use the toilet for their personal needs.  In case of accident or illness, the student must be sent to the office accompanied by the teacher or the assistant, and not alone.  In the event of an emergency, the teacher is required to report the incident immediately and request for assistance from the office.

Accidents / Incidents
All faculty members have Accident/Incident Reports in duplicate that they must fill out giving all details, including date, location, witnesses and a brief description of occurrence. The original form is given to the parents and a copy is filed in the student’s file. Employees must immediately inform the office of any accident or incident and must fill out this form. All injured students must be accompanied to the office immediately. A parent is contacted by phone, advised of the accident/incident, and either instructed to pick up the child or given any other necessary instructions.

In case of an illness, children are to be accompanied to the office where it will be determined if they need to be isolated in the School Clinic until parents arrive to pick them up. Some staff members have received both child and adult CPR and First Aid Training .

All medications are kept in a cabinet in the School Clinic and are not accessible to the students. Authorized personnel indicate the name of the medicine, time administered and the dosage given, and sign a Medication Form.

First Aid
The School Clinic is located in the main building. In case of illness children are isolated in this room until parents pick them up.

Building Safety
Jeddah Knowledge International School’s (JKS) buildings are divided into three sections: (1) Primary School Building, (2) Middle School Building, and (3) Upper School Building.  During the first week of school, students are given specific instructions as to which areas are “off-limits” to them.  Primary, Middle, and Upper School students have a separate entrance, playground areas, and after-school areas.  The use of these areas does not coincide with Pre-primary students any time.

Smoking is completely prohibited on JKS premises.

Prior to registering, parents are given a tour of the school campus, including all playground equipment.  Adults supervise children at all times.  Playground equipment is maintained on a daily basis and meets all standards for safety.  Equipment is inspected regularly and repaired or replaced as needed by “Little Tikes”  or other dealers.  All areas are kept clean and free of any potential hazard.

For the safety of all students, parents and/or visitors are not allowed to enter the school halls or classrooms without prior special permission from the school office. All visitors entering the building must wear a “Visitor’s Pass” at all times. Parents that need to speak to teachers are instructed to either send a note, or to call the school and make an appointment to meet the teacher/Parents are not allowed to stop teachers in the hallway and talk about their child. All faculty/staff members are instructed to immediately report unauthorized persons observed walking inside the school campus.

A camera for electronic surveillance and a continuous switching monitor is installed.  This system is monitored at all times by administration personnel.  Two Security Guards patrol the campus.  An electronic alarm system is also installed throughout the building with the required pull stations.  The alarm system is connected to the electric smoke detectors.  There are emergency lights and fire extinguishers located in all required areas, as per Fire Department Code.

Staff Training
Some JKS employees are trained in security measures.  Meetings regarding Health and Safety take place during Faculty meetings.  Teachers and Assistant Teachers are repeatedly instructed to maintain constant supervision and to look out for the safety and well being of ALL students, in and out of their classroom. They are to immediately report any hazards and behavioral problems to the office immediately.  Students are instructed to walk, not run throughout the school campus.

Fire Drills
Each term training and evaluation on Fire Drill activities are conducted. Exit plans are posted on all classroom doors.  All teachers are responsible for practicing this exit route.  A trial drill will be done at the beginning of each term.


  • Once the fire alarm is heard, all students must immediately stand and line up in silence, leaving behind all their things. (bags, books, notebooks etc.)
  • Students must walk out, not run, in an orderly manner and go to the designated waiting area.
  • Students, together with the teacher, must wait quietly until the Principal or Assistant Principal personally indicates that it is safe to return to classes.  Students must once again walk in silence and in line to their respective classes.

Student Pick-Up
Students are not permitted to be picked up anyone other than those persons holding their ID, unless written permission is received from the parents or Legal Guardian. (If voice of parent is clearly identifiable to a staff member, the person being the person sent to pick up the student may do so after providing the proper identification).