JKS Get Fit

JKS GET FIT is a unique school-hosted event that will give students the opportunity to gain insight into the world of bodybuilding, nutrition, and body recomposition. 

Under the guidance of the gym in the THIRD FLOOR, students will be able to learn the fundamentals of muscle anatomy, develop healthy habits, and explore different diet plans.

 Our mission is to provide the next generation of students with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve amazing results and create a lasting impact on their physical health and appearance.

 By making JKS GET FIT the leading club founded by students, we plan to revolutionize the way students approach health and fitness.



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Terms of Agreement – JKS GET FIT

By joining and participating in JKS GET FIT at School, you agree to the following terms:
1-Participants must be enrolled in the school and have valid student identification.
2-Participants must always follow school regulations and policies.
3-Participants must practice good conduct and respect the facility, equipment, and staff.
4-Participants must be mindful of their physical condition and seek medical advice when necessary.
5-Participants are expected to adhere to a dress code and bring the necessary equipment for physical activities.
6-Participants must respect the safety of others and use the equipment appropriately.
7-Participants must notify the staff in the event of any injury or medical condition.
8-The school and staff reserve the right to remove anyone from the facility if they do not comply with the terms of agreement.
By joining the Gym Club at School, participants acknowledge that they have read and fully understand these terms of agreement and agree to follow them.