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Extended Essay


  • The  Extended  Essay  is  intended  to  promote  high  level  research  and  writing  skills.
  • Personal research is emphasized and students will choose a research focus from any of the six subject areas.
  • It is written outside of the classroom during the student’s own time.
  • Students should begin their extended essay during the fall of their junior year (11th grade) and submit it during the fall of the senior year (12th grade).
  • Each student is provided with the opportunity to have a supervisor which is usually a teacher in the school.
  • All Extended Essays are assessed by an examiner on the International Baccalaureate grading team and can earn, together with the TOK result, up to three bonus points.

Length – The Extended Essay is between 3,500 and 4,000 words in length.  An abstract, title page, and table of contents are requirements for the Extended Essay.

Presentation – The Extended Essay must be clearly presented in a logical format.   All diagrams,  maps,  charts,  tables,  and  graphs  should  be  precisely  labeled,  neat,  and understood.  Chapter headings or a list of contents must be included and pages should be numbered.

Documentation – All recognized formats are acceptable, but standard research paper format should be used.   Regardless of the format, all essays must have footnotes/endnotes, appendices, and bibliographies.

The students’ performance, according to the merit of the work, will into one of the following bands:

A              Work of an excellent standard

B              Work of a good standard

C              Work of a satisfactory standard

D              Work of a mediocre standard

E               Work of a poor standard



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