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Pre-Kindergarten Q1 Newsletter

The Unit of Inquiry entitled  “Me, My Family, and Friends”  is the unit of inquiry in which students learn about self-respect, respect for others, individuality, healthy choices and their own autonomy. Throughout this unit, students gained an understanding of their role and the roles of others in which they are surrounded by. This unit covers multiple environments including home, school and society. Students are encouraged to not only respect themselves, but just as importantly, others they are surrounded by. 

During this UOI, students have gained knowledge of their own role and attributes in each place. They learned the roles and attributes of family members in their homes and classmates/teachers in school. Students were encouraged to love learning and developed a good understanding of the world around them. They were encouraged to speak their mind and express their feelings in a variety of situations, understanding the importance of making choices, that lead to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. 

We enjoyed building our home through art and crafts
We love to use playdough to mold our faces and members of our family
Puzzles are a fun way to learn about healthy food choices