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Grade 3 Q1 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2022 began with great excitement and expectations, both from the teachers and the students. During our first Unit, which is How We Organize Ourselves, the students learned a variety of ways to become self-managed and more independent. During the first week of school, the Essential Class Agreements were discussed. The students eagerly participated and suggested appropriate rules for the classroom with guidance from the homeroom teacher. This is to give the students more agency and feel a part of the self-management process. The central idea for the unit is Self-management skills are an integral part of achieving goals. The students learned how to set achievable goals for Math, Language and UOI as well as personal goals. Their work was displayed on the unit board. During this unit, the students learned, time management skills, self-discipline and commitment to achieve their goals. The IB Learner Profile was also emphasized, with Knowledgeable, Caring, Principled and Risk–taker being being the main attitudes discussed.
As the weeks passed it was pleasing to note a great improvement and pride the students Showed in their self-management skills, manners, and independence. This has been an excellent start to the year, which benefited the students and teachers.
Ms. Marion 3C