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Grade 1 Boys Q1 Newsletter

How We Organize Ourselves – School

How We Organize Ourselves – School is the first unit of inquiry our Grade 1 students study. The main lines of inquiry develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the people (and their roles) in our school, class and school organization and management, class ‘Essential Agreements’,  and the purpose of rules, schedules, and routines.

Exploration of these concepts allowed our students to become responsible and reflective learners. They begin to develop an awareness of the wider school community, looking beyond their classroom and toward the plethora of staff who help support us here at JKS. Students relish the opportunity to be thinkers and ask relevant questions in each line of inquiry. Extending further, these young IB learners are able to settle into the new school year smoothly as they learn and ask questions about their school environment. We build our positive class ethos through this unit which is an integral part of our students health and wellbeing at school.