The American Diploma



The American Diploma Program is one of the three international systems conducted in English and recognized nationally and internationally. It allows the implementation of the International Standards of Learning and is considered a rich and bountiful system originating from the diversification of the educational systems existing in the United States of America. It is recognized and accepted in national and most rigorous universities around the world.

This system has ample effects on preparing a student for the academic challenges of university and the constantly changing world.

The American Diploma Program begins at Grade 9 and ends upon completion of Grade 12.  A student must accumulate a total of 25 credits in order to graduate.  Each acquired credit for a subject means that the subject is taught over five (5) or six (6) sessions per week during the academic year.  Each subject is allotted a different number of credits as it is required by the system itself.

Once students successfully earn 25 credits, they will be eligible for receiving the American Diploma.  Passing in SAT I and SAT II, will provide them with a better chance to be accepted in universities around the world.