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Student Recognition: Awards

Students are recognized for their commitment to not only the school ethos but also to their academics. At the awards ceremony, student effort is recognized in a number of categories. The awarding process is coordinated by the department head and overseen by the Senior Management of the school. The awards committee is made up of the relevant programme coordinator and teachers.

Below is a list of awards students may receive.

Grade 12: Graduation Ceremony


This award is issued to the student who achieves the highest GPA over the four year course (Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12) of the American Diploma. Qualifying GPA must be 4.3. In addition, attendance, meeting deadlines, clear discipline record and approaches to learning (ATL Skills) will be considered when making the final award decision.


This award is based on the cumulative grade received by the student during the course of the year and is issued per subject. Where there is a tie, the award is shared.


This award falls into two categories:

The Honors award is awarded to students who achieve a GPA from 4.1 to 4.2 in Grade 12.

The High Honors award is awarded to students who achieve a GPA of 4.3 in Grade 12.

These awards are based on the students' Mid Year reports.


These awards include:

  1. Sports Woman of the Year
  2. Most Progressed Student
  3. Perfect Attendance Award (Optional)
  4. Student of the Year Award
  5. Service Award
  6. JKS Ambassador Award
  7. Leadership Award
  8. Top Student Award
  9. JKS Role Model Award
  10. Model United Nations Delegate Award
  11. Student Representative Award

These awards are criteria based and awarded by an awards committee made up of the department head and relevant teachers.

These awards are based on the students' Mid Year reports.

Grade 6 to 11 Awards

IB Learner Profile Award: Grade 6 to 11 (inclusive of Grade 12 when not issued during the Graduation Ceremony)

Student of the Year Award: This award is presented to the Upper School student who represents the qualities of academic scholarship and citizenship, and contributes to the school and community. The winner must have attended JKS for at least two years of Upper school. The recipient must be a student who is highly motivated academically and displays learner profile attributes. He / She must be a well rounded and balanced individual who portrays holistic and total development. Nominations will be received from teachers. The criteria for this award will be based on academic performance as well as overall participation in JKS school clubs, activities and programs.

JKS Ambassador Award: This award is given to an Upper School student (grades 10 – 12) who has represented his/her school as an Ambassador for internationalism. The award winner’s interest and involvement in other cultures and their peoples has been demonstrated through such activities as social studies work, an international project or involvement in a representative agency such as the Model United Nations.

Leadership Award: This award is given to an Upper School student (grades 10 – 12) who has been a student leader at the school. The selected student will have been involved in a variety of leadership positions such as: Student Council, House activities, Captaincies, a Prefect or Deputies role. She must have taken an identifiable leadership position in at least one major school activity. The winner has used his or her leadership skills to make a positive contribution to the school.

Service Award: The Service Award is given to the Upper School student (grades 10 – 12) who has contributed most to the community, through either C.A.S or the Community Service program. The selected student will have shown consistent commitment and dedication, given selflessly of their time and ensured that the activities undertaken have had a meaningful outcome. This student will have acted as a positive example to all members of the JKS community.

Top Subject Award: This award is presented by each subject department to the Upper School student who demonstrates outstanding skills and contributions in the area of each subject and has the highest accumulated grade point average for the subject in each grade level.

Top Student Award: This award is presented to the Upper School student who demonstrates outstanding skills and contributions in all subjects and has the highest grade point aggregate in the Mid Year Exam of the Grade 12 year. Where there is a tie, the decision will be based on the continuous assessment, attendance, tardy, meeting deadlines, and discipline record of the student.

JKS Role Model Award: This award recognises students who exemplify the JKS student: He/She shows dedication and perseverance to her/his studies in the face of challenges and works diligently at achieving his/her potential.  Through his/her actions he/she supports the school community by his/her excellent manners and helpfulness.  He/She is identified by teachers using the following criteria:

  • Diligence/Commitment
  • Perseverance
  • Self-disciplined
  • Excellent manners
  • Considerate/Kind
  • Independent learner

High Honors and Honors Roll: The JKS High Honors and Honors Roll is a privileged membership for Upper School students with excellent academic achievement. To qualify for High Honors, a student must achieve a consistent Grade Point Average of 4.3 and above. A student will qualify for honors if he/she receives a consistent Grade Point Average of 4.1 and 4.2 over the four quarters. The JKS High Honors and Honors Rolls are published at the end of the second term.

Most Progressed Student Award: This award is presented to the Upper School student whose Grade Point Average aggregate has shown the greatest improvement across all quarters.

Quarterly Merit Awards; These awards will be presented at the end of Quarters 1 to 4 to students who have received merits from their subject teachers through excellent effort in class work, consistent good behavior and exceptional attitude. Teachers will award a merit by signing a block in the Student Planner and students will collect merits to enable them to achieve the following awards:

Bronze Award: 25 merits

Silver Award: 50 merits

Gold Award: 75 merits

Platinum Award: 100 merits

Perfect Attendance Award: This award honors students who have achieved a perfect attendance record throughout all four quarters. The perfect attendance award is a wonderful way to congratulate them for putting their education first. It gives the student recognition for consistency and personal commitment.

Sportswomen/Sportsman of the Year: This award recognizes the Upper School student for his/her consistently excellent performance and contribution towards all sports activities at JKS throughout the year.

Model United Nations (MUN) Delegate Award: This award recognizes the student who displayed an outstanding role in the MUN Club and activities and showed a consistent academic record. Behaviour, attendance, and attitude record must be excellent.

Student Representative  (Grade 12 Only) Award: The student representative  is voted for by his/her peers only,  based on the following criteria: must have been in the school for minimum last 7 years , have exemplary attendance, punctual with no tardiness and a clear discipline record, wear the school uniform with great pride, epitomizes the IB learner profile attributes, shows respect to her peers and staff, contributed to the school through her involvement in school activities and clubs, contributed to the morale of students, behaves in such a manner in and outside of school to uphold the good name of the school, demonstrates support and guidance to her peers whether academically or personally and displays exemplary academic integrity with very good spoken skills in English and Arabic.

Where criteria can be validated, this will be done through school records before the voting process but after the nomination of candidates.

Top 5 nominees who meet all criteria above as selected by the Grade 12 Awards Committee will be announced  and Grade 12 students will make their final vote in a secret ballot. The nominee with the most votes  will be declared the winner.


PYP Awards

For grades 1 – 5, the following areas are recognized:

IB Learner Profile Awards:
Every quarter select students are given awards for certain areas of the learner profile. Criteria - Homeroom teachers give this award based on students who have displayed the criteria of a particular learner profile during the quarter.

Perfect Attendance:
End of year - Perfect Attendance - This is for students who do not miss one day of school during the school year.

Swim Gala Medals:
Swim Gala Medals – there are 3 galas. The galas are throughout the school year. Medals are awarded to the student who got the fastest time in each stroke.


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